As Euro’Meet seeks to become more and more innovative, this year’s event will continue to surprise you. In addition to the pre-conference Grand Tour and the awards ceremony for the most inspiring projects, the conference organisers are also offering you the opportunity to run workshops on the theme of “green sport for a greener and healthier Europe”. The call for proposals is open, so don’t hesitate to respond!

Euro’Meet 2022: giving a central place to the members of the network

“Developing green sport for a greener and healthier Europe” will be the central theme of the Euro’Meet 2022, organised from 12 to 16 September in Silkeborg (Denmark). By bringing together the members of the ENOS Network, this event will be an opportunity to encourage the sharing of their varied knowledge on a subject close to their hearts. In this context – and as mentioned at the launch meeting – workshops will be held in the margins of the main conference.

Encouraging knowledge sharing through the organisation of various workshops

Providing additional opportunities for discussion around ideas, projects or results of completed or ongoing research, the 20 workshops – of 45 minutes each – will indeed be an opportunity to explore current challenges and debate future directions for nature sports, in relation to the Euro’Meet 2022 topic. Theoretical or practical, they could focus on scientific research, specific programmes implemented by certain organisations, policy, education, or tools and examples of good practice on the ground, around the following topics:  

  • Balancing Access, Activities and Protection
  • Be Active, Be Healthy, Be Outdoors
  • Welfare and the power of the outdoor

However, these workshops will not be organised by the Euro’Meet organising committee, but by you, the members of any organisation attending the conference! Indeed, this is the best way to share knowledge… And it’s easy if you want to lead one!

It’s up to you: send us your workshop proposals now!

While particular priority will be given to innovative and inspiring approaches for a wide audience, and to interactive formats that encourage the involvement of participants and foster intersectional collaboration, all proposals will be carefully considered.

To be eligible to host a workshop, please complete this form between 18 February and 31 March 2022. After judging the relevance of the proposal to the conference theme, the organising committee will announce the successful proposals on 10 April 2022. So be innovative, be motivated, and don’t delay in surprising us!