ENOS is delighted to have been successful with 2 new EU projects that are very closely aligned to the topics of sustainability and inclusion as outlined in our Strategic Priorities document created at the 2022 Outdoor Sports Euro’meet.

With these projects we will be requiring a greater level of financial management and capacity. All of our management committee members including our treasurer are volunteers and shortly we will be advertising for our first employed project officer for ENOS.

However, we are aware that our membership is very broad and within it we have organisations and individuals with great skill sets. To help us with our financial management are putting out a call for individuals with a background in accountancy or financial management who are willing to act as a voluntary head of financial management for us.

While this would be a voluntary role, there will be the opportunity to engage with elements of the projects and other ENOS activities and for this expenses will be covered.

We do not see this as an overly onerous role but will require up to a maximum of a couple of hours work per week to effectively deliver it. Our head of financial management will be co-opted onto the management committee in an observer status.

If you are interested or willing to help with this please complete the Google form here by 28th February 2023.

If you have further queries about this then please do contact Mike McClure (Chairman of ENOS) mikemcclure@outdoor-sports-network.eu