We are delighted to announce our call of workshops for the 7th Outdoor Sports Euro’Meet 2024 which will take place in Lecco, Lombardia (Italy) 10-12 September 2024.

The goal of the workshops is to provide additional opportunities for discussing for example ideas, experiences with outdoor projects, results of research finished or in progress. The workshops will be dedicated to exploring the current status, challenges, and perspectives of outdoor sports and future directions in achieving development and progress for the sector within the theme and topics of Euro’Meet 2024.

Inspiring sustainable and active citizens through outdoor sports

The main themes for the 2024 Euro’meet are outdoor sports innovations and their potential to address major societal challenges, such as climate change, biodiversity loss, and mental health issues. The event will focus on providing innovative and inclusive solutions to promote physical activity and well-being across all age groups. Additionally, the Euro’meet will explore how technology and better use of information systems can support innovative solutions to dealing with these challenges.

  1. Outdoor sports innovations for tackling climate change and environmental issues

This theme will focus on how outdoor sports can and should be at the forefront of the race to net zero emissions through innovative and positive mechanisms and also how we can help to promote the messaging on climate friendly solutions in new and dynamic ways to both outdoor enthusiasts and people in general. We will hear from experts and local heroes who are making a difference in their behaviours but also influencing others. We will explore and discuss what needs to be done to effect urgent and dramatic change. We cannot manage what we do not know, so the use of online and technological solutions to help understand environmental impact and circular knowledge will be showcased through this theme.

  1. Outdoor sports innovations for tackling well-being inequalities

This theme will focus on how outdoor sports can support those who are facing the challenge of poor health by providing innovative low cost / no cost solutions that can genuinely make a difference to improve health and well-being (both physical and mental). There is significant evidence of the importance of being active in green space to reduce health risks but also in promoting recovery. There are clubs, federations, public institutions and organisations that are providing amazing solutions and we want to hear about these and share the ideas more broadly across Europe.

  1. Outdoor sports innovations for tackling physical inactivity 

The most recent Eurobarometer on Sport and Physical Activity reports that 45% of Europeans report that they never exercise or play sport. However, it is lower for women and girls and also for those living with a disability or among those who face financial difficulties. Taking part in competitive and high energy sport can seem unrealistic for many people but innovation in the outdoor sports sector can provide great opportunities for people to take the first steps into a more active lifestyle. This workshop will focus on how we get more people from all aspects of society to be more active more of the time and thereby receive the physical, mental and social health benefits of being active in nature.

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Objectives of the workshops

The objective of the workshop may be to inspire, to share practice, to debate, to discuss challenges, to propose solutions, to develop or propose a venture, to identify priorities and issues. Workshop proposals may be practical or more theoretical, be based on research, programmes, policy, education, tools and good examples from the field.

Particular priority will be given to:

  • Innovative and inspirational approaches
  • Highly interactive and collaborative formats which require the active involvement of the participants rather than mini conferences
  • Cross-sectoral and transdisciplinary collaboration
  • Promote action taking
  • Are relevant to a broad audience

We welcome contributions from a range of fields, such as, but not limited to development, policy, education, research, environmental transition, environmental issues, participation, access issues, technology and information systems, health, inclusion, safety, research, welfare, active development, management of visitors, active tourism, funding, workforce skills, training, social and environmental justice, economics and governance.

45 minutes

Total number of workshop sessions opened to the call
20 (5 sessions in parallel) – 4 rounds

Workshop duration
Total number of workshops sessions opened to the call

Workshop documentation
The workshop must be documented so the outcomes can be shared and disseminated outside the group physically attending the workshop. You will, therefore, be asked to write a short summary with key points and reflections from the workshop regarding your presentation. The summary will be made available for the Euro’Meet participants during the EuroMeet so the participants can continue their

Opening of the call
June 15th 2023

Workshop proposal submission Deadline (round 1)
September 30th 2023

Workshop proposal submission Deadline (round 2)
February 28th 2024

Notification of successful workshop proposals
March 30th 2024

Submission process
Any organisation participating to the conference can submit an application. The workshop proposal must be submitted using the dedicated form. Proposals must be submitted in english.