Maxine Gregory, Vice Chairman and Francois Beauchard, Chairman of ENOS participated in the 2 day work session in La Valetta.

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For the first time, most of the work focused on grassroots sports, digitalization and innovation, as well as sustainability in sports.


It was an opportunity to develop connections with the stakeholders who are motivated and involved in outdoor sports and grassroots sports. It was also a moment to explain ENOS’s activities and to give visibility to the BOSS Erasmus project (Benefits of Outdoor Sports to Societies).

With the 300 participants, ENOS has increased their network, with many contacts and meetings with other networks.


BOSS Project – Second partnership meeting

Benefits of Outdoor Sports for Society Reallocated through the project. As there have been a number of staff changes within organisations it was also timely to remind those involved in the process for getting these approved by the EACEA. Mike also reported on the...

ENOS was at the European Outdoor summit.

  The ENOS’s chairman François BEAUCHARD was in the European Outdoor Summit the 4th – 5th October 2017 , in Italy. The theme of this year was IT ALL STARTS WITH THE CONSUMER with three objectives: Assess the situation Fulfil the demand Activate the population The...


« New Voices, New Visions, New Values for people and nature in Europe » “The ENOS's chairman François BEAUCHARD and Antoine LE BELLEC new commissioner were in the EUROPARC CONFERENCE in Portugal 6 - 10 sp 2017.

Euro’Meet 2017

The next Euro'Meet is on the way ! La Seu d'Urgell, the capital of the Pyrenees, is nestled in the heart of the most prominent mountain range in southern Europe and is one of the most beautiful nature sites in Catalonia. With a strong sporting vocation and tradition,...

BOSS project: Meeting report 1.1 !

La première réunion du groupe de travail dédiée au développement des critères pour l’analyse des recherches publiées sur les avantages sociaux générés par les sports de nature a eu lieu du 12 au 14 Mars 2017 à l’Université Technique de Munich. L’équipe présente était...

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