Reallocated through the project. As there have been a number of staff changes within organisations it was also timely to remind those involved in the process for getting these approved by the EACEA.

Mike also reported on the development of the BOSS website. There were 10 applicant organisations that sent in a response to the call for tenders for the creation of the website that was put out via the EOG website. A tender assessment process was undertaken by EOG, Sport NI and CREPS looking at quality of submission, cost and experience of staff provided. Thinklab was awarded the contract to develop the website. This is now almost complete and should be live in the next 2 weeks.

Barbara Eigenschenk gave an overview of the work carried out to date by the partners

The project has seen 17,300 research projects screened from across the partners’ research databases in their own countries as well as an international search in the databases. It followed a standardised approach which focused on specific terms and also activities associated with outdoor sports.

The quality of the selected studies ranged significantly but it was highlighted that only about 10% are of any great quality.

The relevant studies are then summarised on to an Excel spreadsheet. As there was still a fair amount of work to do it was agreed that the next steps would be for partners to:

  1. Select the 10 best studies based on the abstracts and info available
  2. Request the full text for them from INEFC or SHU who have access to this
  3. Fully complete the excel sheet for these 10 best studies by end of October
  4. Selection of the 6 best studies that will be described with a more detailed summary will take place in Munich (mid-November)
  5. By the end of the year all other studies in the excel sheet should be fully completed by full textes.

One of the additional resources that this project will create is a database resource of studies that have been carried and that highlight the social benefits of outdoor sports.

The group then arranged dates for further events and meetings to try to ties these down well in advance of when they are to happen.