Hi-ability is an Erasmus+ cooperation project focusing on therapeutic rehabilitation programmes using outdoor sports as a tool for inclusion, skills-improvement and well-being. The project is lead by a consortium of 6 organisations from Italy, Greece, and Hungary and 8 stategic partners lead by Controvento Coperative Sociale Onlus.

The project has been seeking to provide a methodology that could help organisations willing to strengthen their capacity to work with interventions aimed at the integration of people with disabilities.

“Very often tend to segregate the beneficiaries, as they are provided within protected, closed contexts, taking place in a perspective of assistance and isolation. This has negative consequences on the perception of disability towards society and a misreading of the real needs of people with disabilities.”

Hi-Ability has been seeking to open the doors to new spaces of education, promoting an education for autonomy, independent and inclusive life, in a context still not very accessible such as hiking and eco-tourism. The long term impact at the European level is to help organizations working with adults – and especially with adults with cognitive disabilities – to become innovative “training hubs”, able to promote social inclusion and create opportunities for personal and professional growth.

The project consortium has newly realised the following resources

  • 1. Toolkit Hi-Ability for educators: it provides educators working with PWIDs the necessary tools and resources to work with target groups and train them to improve their knowledge and skills in outdoor education.
  • 2. Hi-Ability App: easy to read App dedicated to PWIDs and their families/caregivers.  The application provides information on 12 accessible hiking routes across Italy, Greece and Croatia and is available in Google Play and Apple Store.
  • 3. Hi-Ability Green Guide: a collection of accessible hiking routes identified by the PWIDs involved with the support of their educators.  The Guide comes in two versions: an  easy to read guide based on Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) available here. An integral version only in English available here.

All resources are available in EN, IT, HR, GR on the project website

More informationation www.hi-ability.eu

Contact ASD Trekkify | www.trekkify.it