Outdoor activities and guiding that take place in nature are becoming increasingly popular across Europe. Guides who take people on experiences are gatekeepers not only for safety but also for biodiversity. A guide who can create a more holistic experience and develop a relationship with nature for his clients is also creating a more sustainable future and improving their well-being.

The first international BIP student group from the European Outdoor Sport Campus went to Finland to visit Lapin AMK to develop their skills in promoting a better relationship with nature. This group of students will produce an open webinar where they will share their insights and practices on developing a relationship with nature as part of their professional practice. We welcome you to listen and participate!


  • Developing sustainability competence for outdoor sports guides and teachers
  • Spreading results and knowledge through ENOS (European network for outdoor sports)
  • Open webinar for sharing knowledge and new innovations


  • Students present new and innovative ways to create more sustainable practices for guiding outdoor sports and other outdoor activities through different elements of nature (water, rock, forest and fell)