Outdoor sports can create inspirational opportunities for people with disabilities and this webinar will provide opportunities to hear about inspirational projects and programmes that will show how we can be more inclusive for people with disabilities, people from socio-economically disadvantaged communities, immigrants and others who are under represented in sport. It will provide opportunities to share ideas and discuss opportunities for future projects.

Hosted by Dr Chris Kay from Leeds Becket University, it will bring together a number of European stakeholders from various backgrounds: EU commission representatives, representatives from sports ministries at national level, the sports industry, major outdoor sports organizations and NGOs as well as representatives from groups of people at risk of social exclusion who will testimony about their own experience and the participation issues they are facing to reflect on the adaptation of the sports sector to make outdoor sports inclusive for all.

June 15th – 14.00 to 16.30 pm CET

Online webinar with testimonies, examples of projects and group discussions and opportunity for brainstorming discussion and networking.

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Open until June 13th at 12.00 am CET – Register here

Preliminary agenda
14.00 Welcome
14.05 Introductory remarks from EU Sport Unit
14.20 Testimonies – interview with participants from All Out Trekking
14.40 A perspective from the industry by The North Face

15.00 Short presentations and Q&A in different rooms on examples of good practice
Room 1 – Inclusive Water sports with Johanna Dochevska President of the Bulgarian Sports Development Association / Facilitator – Chris Kay
Room 2 – Climbing for all with Lena Frank from Ich Will Da Rauf E.v. / Facilitator – Margo de Lange
Room 3 – Engaging young people with their local environment with Dany Rogers En Passant par la Montagne  / Facilitator – Benjamin Billet

15.30 Brainstorming – Towards more inclusion on outdoor sports Margo de Lange
15.50 Launch of R&D project for the industry that will promote the development of new inclusive equipment for outdoor sports
15.55 Concluding remarks

Guest speakers

Florencia Van Houdt (TBC), Head of EU Sport Unit
Chris Kay – Leeds Becket University – Host / Moderator
Mary Elaine McCavert & Nathan McCabe – All Out Trekking
Amanda Calder-McLaren – The North Face  
Johanna Dochevska – Bulgarian Sports Development Association
Lena Frank – Ich Will Da Rauf E.v
Dany Rogers En Passant par la Montagne
Arne Strate – European Outdoor Group

This webinar is organised by ENOS in partnership with the It’s Great Out There Coalition. This event is free and will be held online