The 10th International Adventure Conference of the Adventure Tourism Research Association will be hosted by the University of Applied Management at the Adventure Campus in Treuchtlingen, Germany from the 7th to the 9th of June 2023. The conference invites academics, students, and practitioners alike. The conference includes keynotes, parallel sessions, and joined outdoor activities. It is a gathering of adventure enthusiasts who want to help shape our adventure tourism future.

This year’s theme is called ‘Being-with and being well in nature: Our tentacular adventures’

The idea of adventure is inevitably intensely human, socially construed, and stems from the very emergence of our species as it struggled to survive, to move and to procreate. For early humans, every day had elements of risk, and discovery, connection and understanding with a material and more-than-human world was essential. These simple ideas have informed conference themes emanating from an anthropocentric perspective for most of our past nine events. There have been lots of ideas about the benefits of careful risk-taking, of outdoor exercise, of adventure tourism’s potential in benefitting remote rural, coastal and mountain communities. And, increasingly, the idea of outdoor leisure, adventurous and fast or slow, as a salve for many of the societal ills of our times: obesity, depression, heart disease, screen addiction and so forth. We therefore wish to draw some of these ideas together in this call for contributions to the tenth IAC.

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Prof. Dr. Manuel Sandn Akademischer Leiter Adventure Campus Treuchtlingen