Sweden is halfway in an exciting year of great collaboration for the outdoor sports and recreation. Thanks to a joint project initiated by the umbrella organ Svenskt Friluftliv and financed by the Swedish environmental protection agency the benefits of being outdoors is promoted with great success. The aim is to engage people to try out outdoor recreational sports and raise awareness of the benefits of being outdoors. Hopefully new participants will find and grow a new relationship with nature and meaningful activities that promotes physical activity and health. Each month has a different topic that gather activities around Sweden for example, Sleeping outdoors, I have never… The topics try to invoke curiosity and challenge to participation in activities that can be shared in social media platforms with #luftenarfri and perhaps the topic of the month. 

The work is carried out by a designated project group backed up by many non-profit associations i.e. Bird life Sweden, Swedish Outdoor Association, The Guides and Scouts of Sweden amongst many others. The regional administrations and communes play a key role in supporting and promoting the project. Please find more information at www.luftenarfri.nu/ and feel free to contact me for further questions.

Find out more information about the luftenärfri campaign

Any question? Get in touch with Jean Esselström, Regional Outdoor Coordinator of Governmental Outdoor Politics at the County Administrative Board of Västernorrland, Sweden which joined ENOS in 2021.