A database of projects funded through EU regional development funds has been developed by the SHARE initiative (with the support of the European Commission) in order to map existing project from across the EU. The purpose of this database is to better understand how sport delivers on regional development policy objectives. It is available for consultation to everyone and provides detailed information the project including: aims and main activities of each project, type of programme, period, outcomes and the main policy priorities the projects addressed. 

The tool is expected to provide evidence, knowledge and inspiration to researchers, policymakers and project developers. The database will also be used to identify the adequacy of the use of funds with the demand of deliverers in the field on the one hand, and the political intentions that these funds are supposed to support on the other hand.

The list of projects identified is incomplete. Indeed, many projects in the field of nature sports and outdoor are not yet included. Do not hesitate to report your project on this database and to promote this database to project managers in your region or network!

Raising awareness of the impact of sport is important in a context where governments are negotiating economic and social development strategies at various levels that will shape much of what Europe will look like in a near future. National and regional strategies for the implementation of Cohesion Policy funds from 2021 onwards are currently under consideration. These negotiations concern the second most important envelope of the current multiannual financial framework of the European Union.

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