To celebrate 10 years of promoting trail stewardship, supporting mountain bike communities in Europe and advocating for better trail access, IMBA invites you to its new summit.  The main theme of the summit, “Reframing MTB”, includes new perspectives on what is sustainable, and challenges all stakeholders and participants to be open to new ideas and solutions to ensure a bright future for MTB in all its aspects.

IMBA Europe, active member of the ENOS network

As a leading advocate for mountain biking and trail development across Europe, IMBA seeks to get more people cycling through sustainable mountain biking. As a low-cost, accessible, inclusive and environmentally sustainable sport, IMBA aims to raise awareness of the joys of mountain biking in natural areas and the mental and physical benefits that come with it.

By advocating for more trails close to home – essential to encourage more people to get out and be active in their daily lives – and opening up mountain biking to a more diverse audience, IMBA Europe is fully in line with the actions of ENOS, of which it is an active member.

IMBA European Summits: a way to increase knowledge and develop partnerships

Over the course of years, the IMBA Summits have attracted an increasingly diverse range of participants and organisations. From mountain bike advocacy groups, trail builders and professionals in the bicycle and tourism industry, to land managers, academics, public authorities, and health care practitioners. More and more professionals are working in the emerging domain of mountain biking and the need to learn from each other, exchange knowledge, to get inspired and build partnerships has only increased.

June 1st-4th 2022: a summit on sustainability

The European Mountain Bike Summit is a two-to-three-day event, combining keynote speeches from opinion leaders with workshops, site visits, project meetings, panel debates and social activities, including daily (group) rides. Held at Val di Sol (Italy) and following on from the successful model of previous years, the topics covered at this year’s Summit will be divided into relevant subthemes: Sustainable trail design, construction & management; The building blocks of mountain bike friendly & inclusive places; Sustainable mountain biking tourism. You are therefore expected to attend in large numbers !