As the ongoing health crisis continues there is mounting evidence that outdoor activities for all could increasingly help to address a number of social, economic and environmental challenges. 

This event explores the potential of health enhancing physical activity in natural settings to support innovative, smart and sustainable development models for a greener, healthier, resilient and inclusive Europe. The programme will examine the barriers to increased participation and successful mechanisms to enable the potential of the outdoors to deliver on key EU policy objectives.  

This online event will take place as a follow up to the European Week of Regions and Cities’ green week. A high-level workshop has been organised on Oct 7th in partnership with the European Commission Sport Unit, Directorate General for Education, Youth, Sport and Culture, European Commission, aimed at discussing the need for policies promoting greener sports in our regions. While ENOS is partnering with the EU Sport Unit on that event the focus will be on sport in general with examples coming from the outdoor sports sector. However, the event on 22nd October will specifically examine the great potential of the outdoors.

One of the key outcomes from the event will be to develop a series of policy position papers highlighting the impact and further potential of outdoor sports. Further online events will be planned to hone onto specific issues and topics.

The event will bring decision makers, researchers, managers, professionals, and practitioners from across the broad spectrum of outdoor sports together. It will provide useful examples and key deliverables that will support delegates from a very diverse range of organisations including government agencies, regional and local authorities, outdoor sports federations at both a national and European level, outdoor industry businesses, nature conservation organisations, rural and regional development organisations and  urban planning.


The European Network of Outdoor Sports & It’s Great Out There Coalition



14.00 Opening and welcome words

The European Network of Outdoor Sports / Mike McClure
It’s Great Out There Coalition / Margo de Lange

14.10 A new policy framework for a greener Europe

European Policy Orientations on Territorial Development in relation to outdoor sports participation

14.30 Benefits, obstacles and barriers to outdoor participation 

What we know about the Benefits of Outdoor Sports / Mike McClure (ENOS)
Unveiling recent findings regarding outdoor sports participation / Margo de Lange (IGOT) and Pippa Goodman 

14.45  Unlocking the power of outdoor activity 

  1. Outdoor sports in our regions and cities:  The example of Winterberg 
    Michael Beckmann – Mayor of Winterberg, Germany and former CEO of the Winterberg Tourism Destination
  1. Panel discussion

    Alba Godfrey [BE] / EuroHealthNet research policy officer 
    Melissa Desbois [FR] / Outdoor sports development strategist, Marseille
    Andrew Denton [UK] / CEO Outdoor Industries Association
    Eki Karlsson [FI] / CEO, Suomen Latu – The Outdoor Association of Finland

15.45 Conclusions and final words

16.00 End of the Webinar


This event will be facilitated by Professor Diane Crone [UK], professor in Exercise and Health at the Cardiff School of Sport and Health Sciences

About the organisers

The European Network of Outdoor Sports is a Brussels based non-governmental organisation gathering stakeholders and experts involved in the sustainable development of outdoor sports across Europe, promoting responsible access to nature. The network’s mission is to foster knowledge sharing and provide guidance, support and advocacy for the recognition of outdoor sports in European policies.

It’s Great Out There Coalition is an International Non Profit Association, registered in Brussels, and set up and launched by the European Outdoor Group (EOG). Run by an executive team and non-executive board, the coalition’s mission is to inspire more people to get active in the outdoors. The It’s Great Out There Coalition is funded by membership fees from some of the biggest outdoor businesses in Europe.