The SEE project, which stands for Sustainability and Environmental Education in Outdoor Sports, came to an end in 2023, but its most valuable output is now entirely available online. ENOS, as one of the main partners of the project, would like to invite all our members and partners in the sector to take a look at the toolkit structure and use its activities to develop environmental education initiatives wherever your outdoor sports practice takes place. The aim is to reduce the impacts on nature and to rethink the way we teach outdoor sports activities in order to make them more environmentally friendly.

The SEE Toolkit, is based on a six-stage process , which can be used as a guideline, that will structure and plan environmental training in Outdoor Sports.It also contains many tried and tested educational activities, that will implement education for sustainable development in Outdoor Sports courses. It is a useful tool for training providers hiking guides, canoe teachers or MTB instructors and professionals from all Outdoor Sports.

SEE Erasmus+ Project

The SEE project also provides a toolbox of motivating and fun activities for environmental training and education for sustainable development: