Fostering environmental transition through Outdoor Sports

Virtual Seminar / Dec 10th, 2020  – 14.00 to 15.30 CET

Background of the event

Recent participation studies show a growing interest from European citizens to access natural and protected areas including highly vulnerable environments which are increasingly subject to pressure. All of this in the context of a time when alarming reports are being released about the consequences of the unprecedented rate of climate change and degradation of ecosystems. 

It is also broadly acknowledged that outdoor sports as an aspect of daily life, connect people with nature and promote sustainable ways for people to interact with their local environments. Participation provides extensive opportunities for everyone to experience nature connectedness and sustainable human-nature interactions. 

Taking action 

This virtual seminar explores the outdoor sports sector potential to both mitigate negative impacts of outdoor sports practice and foster environmental transition and sustainable behaviors at a greater level. The purpose of the event is to foster dialogue and innovation through cross-fertilization of ideas and commitment from the sector, by bringing stakeholders together. This event is also aimed at discussing the contribution of outdoor sports to the European Union’s long term plans and strategies to address environmental issues, protecting nature, greening our economy and reversing the degradation of ecosystems. As a follow-up of the Power of the Outdoors webinar which took place on October 14th, one of the key outcomes from the event will be to develop a series of policy position papers highlighting the impact and further potential of outdoor sports. 

A cross sector event

Acknowledging the need to address the issue of sustainable development and environmental transition in the field of outdoor sports from a multidisciplinary perspective, the event will involve speakers from a wide range of fields including non governmental outdoor sports organisations , environmental education, outdoor industry, outdoor sports professional, nature conservation organisations and professional outdoor sports.


The European Network of Outdoor Sports (ENOS)


14.00 (CET) Opening and welcome words

14.05 Saving our playground

Keynote by Kilian Jornet about the immediate need for the outdoor sports sector to take action and responsibility for the environmental transition

14.25 The Outdoor Sector – An Unlikely Champion

As a small and relatively poorly financed sector, the outdoor world is an unlikely champion of better business.  So how has the movement for social responsibility, sustainability, environmental protection and conservation become so embedded in what we do? Mark Held looks at the development of this phenomenon and the challenges that lie ahead.

14.40 Pathways to environmental transition for the outdoor sport sector and the european society

  • Nicola Notaro / Head of the Nature Unit DG ENV European Commission
  • Mark Held /  President of the European Outdoor Group 
  • Dr Noel Doyle / Researcher at Leave No Trace Ireland
  • Carol Ritchie / Executive Director of EUROPARC Federation
  • Kilian Jornet / Outdoor sports professional

15.20 Perspectives and way forward for the outdoor sports sector

Eduard Ingles Yuba, director of the National Institute of Physical Education in Catalonia (INEFC, Universitat de Barcelona) 


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The event and the panel discussion will be facilitated by Dr. Tadgh McIntyre from the H2020 project GOGREEN ROUTES which promotes urban health across six European cities.

Target group

Decision makers at EU and national level, ministry representatives, researchers, visitors management professionals, regional and local authorities representatives, outdoor sports federation delegates, outdoor industry businesses, outdoor sports professional nature conservation managers, rural and regional development professionals and urban planners, outdoor sports education practitioners.

About the organisers

The European Network of Outdoor Sports is a Brussels based non-governmental organisation gathering stakeholders and experts involved in the sustainable development of outdoor sports across Europe, promoting responsible access to nature. The network’s mission is to foster knowledge sharing and provide guidance, support and advocacy for the recognition of outdoor sports in European policies.