The Euro’Meet 2022 is fast approaching! Organised from 12 to 16 September in Silkeborg around the theme “green sport for a greener and healthier Europe”, the event will be an opportunity to highlight the actions of ENOS members in this respect. A new feature will even be introduced to highlight them: the presentation of Awards to reward projects for the development of nature sports in accordance with the ENOS Charter… And you can already enter the race!

Valuing ENOS members, one of the central objectives of Euro’Meet 2022

Seeking to bring nature into culture through knowledge sharing and the power of outdoor activities, this year’s Euro’Meet will be built around a central theme: developing green sport for a greener and healthier Europe. If you have already discovered the numerous novelties they will offer during their launch meeting, other surprises will be reserved for ENOS members!

In order to highlight their actions, the Euro’Meet organisers have decided to present Awards during the September event to reward the nature sports development projects most in line with the ENOS vision.

The call for applications is open: compete for one of the ENOS Awards!

To all members of the network – and those planning to join this year – it is time to share with us the outstanding projects and initiatives you have recently carried out, demonstrating a clear commitment to the promotion of nature sports – at local, regional, national or European level. You can therefore apply for an award in three different categories

  • Green Activities for a Greener Europe: focusing on local places and spaces, this award aims to recognise inspiring and concrete projects that promote, through the creation of facilities and the education of individuals, the conservation of natural environments. Also encompassing issues related to global environmental challenges and the transition to a greener economy in light of the European New Green Deal, the award will recognise organisations that have used outdoor sports to protect biodiversity, while building good relationships with environmental organisations.
  • Being active, being healthy, being outdoors: more people-centred, this award is designed to promote initiatives that have taken into account the impact – health, social and psychological – of the pandemic on Europeans’ sporting participation levels. Recognising the health benefits of outdoor activities, the award will recognise projects that have contributed, through strong partnerships or innovative approaches, to the sustainable participation of the most vulnerable individuals in these activities.

  • Wellbeing and the power of the outdoors: this time focusing on policy, this category is a way to highlight urban or rural planning that develops nature sports, reduces social isolation and creates stronger and more resilient communities: examples of integrating outdoor education into school curricula, highlighting public policies carried out following the pandemic that, through the development of nature sports, pushes people to engage with their local environment…

How to apply and obtain the Award? Information and selection criteria

In order to get the award – given by the ENOS board members – you will have to fill in the application form, write an explanatory article and make a short video about the project you want to promote, before 31 May. We look forward to receiving your applications!